Stand Alone Liability Insurance

Stand Alone Liability

Stand Alone Liability Insurance

Most companies that insure umbrella policies require that the insured have one or more underlying policy before they will offer a stand alone liability policy to the client. However, there are insurers, like Southern Insurance Underwriters, that don’t have that requirement.

So, why would your client want to find a different company to write a stand alone policy with? This is actually quite a common occurrence. There are many reasons that one of your clients may be searching the market for a company that will write this type of policy. The carrier that covers your client’s existing umbrella policy might not have the competitive rates, financial strength or higher limits that they’re looking for. Or perhaps the existing policy has gaps in coverage that you’d like to take care of.

No matter what reason is motivating your client to choose a different company to write their umbrella policy, Southern Insurance Underwriters is the company to call. SIU offers competitive pricing, is financially strong and has the higher limits you’re looking for.

Southern Insurance Underwriters is here to assist you with all of your client’s Stand Alone Liability needs.

The underwriters in the Personal Property department are constantly expanding their already extensive access to key markets and innovative products to offer producers the most comprehensive Personal Property coverages available. These coverages, combined with our and innovative online rating website, enhances the overall experience for SIU producers.

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