SIU’s Deadly Weapon Protection Program: A fundamental part of any facility’s insurance and risk management portfolio

There are daily news stories regarding violent incidents that occur at schools, houses of worship, businesses, and more from across the entire country.  The unfortunate reality is that the number of incidents are increasing and the weapons used are no longer limited to just firearms.  SIU’s Deadly Weapon Protection Program (formerly “Active Shooter”) now includes a broader definition of “weapon”.

Under the new definition, “weapon” now includes any portable or handheld device, instrument, substance or road vehicle which is used by assailant(s) in a manner to deliberately cause death or bodily injury.  This includes explosive devices, knives, medical instruments and corrosive substances, in addition to firearms.

The SIU Deadly Weapon Protection Program is designed to provide additional liability and business interruption protection, and focuses on three key pillars: Prevention Services (pre and post event), Crisis Management Services and Insurance cover to indemnify losses. 

Examples of businesses that are highly vulnerable to an incident and eligible for Deadly Weapon Protection coverage are healthcare facilities, educational institutions, religious houses of worship, entertainment venues and events, retail, governmental and municipal facilities and parks, and industrial and commercial locations.

SIU’s Deadly Weapon Protection Program coverage provides primary liability coverage with limits up to $30 million, on-site risk or online assessment for insured locations, crisis management services, post event counseling services, funeral arrangements, demolition, clearance and memorialization.  Policies are issued by an insurer rated “A” by A.M. Best and are offered through independent agents throughout the United States. 

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