Artisan Contractors Insurance

Artisan Contractors Insurance.

According to Wikipedia, an artisan  is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative. Electricians, masons, plumbers, carpenters, and even mechanics would fall under the type of contractor who needs Artisan Contractors Insurance.

Let’s go over what is covered and what is not covered, along with why the insurance is needed, as well as what Southern Insurance Underwriters (SIU) can do for you in the artisan space.

Artisan Insurance is strictly liability insurance.  This means that the contractor is covered for mistakes made or craftsmanship errors.  If the contractor messes up a job, the artisan insurance covers them for the cost of repair. The coverage does not cover office space, supplies, or vehicles, therefore, additional policies need to be purchased to deal with those needs.

At SIU you can quote 40+ Artisan Contractor Classes using online rating at

There are some new forms such as:

  • Blanket completed operations CG-2037
  • Blanket Primary Non-contributory
  • Blanket waiver

If you haven’t quoted in a while or ever, you can  now bind online. Any bind online request received by 2pm will get a policy emailed to you by 5pm EST on the SAME DAY. (signed application, TRIA, and PFA required)


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