Commercial Trucking

Why is Commercial Trucking Insurance so Expensive?

For most of your clients, as owner-operators, insurance is going to be one of the most expensive lines of their financial statements. The reasons for the expense is of all the different risks associated with commercial trucking.  You have to account for replacement costs, accident, cargo value. All of this on top of a truck that might cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 figures. If Federal law requires $750,000 in liability for a commercial truck, and an insureds damage premium will most likely be between 3-5 percent of the trucks value, you can bet owners are shopping for the lowest rates!

Commercial trucking is an expensive market. The fluctuation of carriers is difficult to figure out, and premiums typically go all over the place. That’s where agents look to someone like Southern Insurance Underwriters for help with their commercial trucking clients.

Southern Insurance Underwriters began underwriting long haul trucks over 50 years ago. Today, SIU’s Commercial Transportation department has grown to include almost all types of Commercial Automobile and Garage products. Either over the phone, or by online quick quote applications, the specialized underwriters in Commercial Transportation offers producers access to many “A” rated companies spanning coverage from a single unit to large fleets.


We support Local, Intermediate, and Long Haul trucking. New Ventures, Standard Risks, and Preferred Risks all available in most states.

Our Coverages:

  • Auto Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Bobtail Liability
  • Refrigeration Breakdown
  • Non Fleet & Fleet
  • Truckers General Liability

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