Looking For A Faster Quote?

Working with new clients is not always easy. There are technology innovations being made everyday make access to information faster and easier. The ability to get information quickly is at the forefront of customers minds . It doesn’t always work out that way, but when it does, how able are you to deliver? Clients looking for insurance quotes are looking for fast insurance quotes. If you are looking for a faster insurance quote, you really need to work with SIU.

In our line of business, faster is usually better.  Customers are looking for coverage and they generally need it now. If you can’t provide it, they will find someone who can.  When you need quotes and you need them quick, look to SUNrate.

Fast Insurance Quotes with SUNrate

With SUNrate, you can now issue a certificate of insurance for your customer on the spot. Once you click on the “Start Bind Request”, you will receive a new or final application with a provisional binder number. You can turn around and use this provisional binder number to issue a certificate of Insurance.  Here’s where it gets important…you must email the completed AND signed Bind application along with your TRIA form and PFA to your SUN underwriter ASAP.

fast insurance quotes

fast insurance quotes

Now for the fun part. If we receive your request to bind email before 2pm EST, our goal is to email you the policy, sample certificate, and invoice by 5pm  EST on the same day.  In a day and age where the fast win, you want to work with the group that gets you what you need faster. Here at Southern Insurance companies, we strive to help you grow your business and be better everyday.

For fast insurance quotes online right now, visit www.sunins.com