Are You Looking For Insurance Markets?

Are looking for Insurance Markets?

Can you keep up with new Insurance Markets?  Trying to keep up with all of the changes in an industry that, quite frankly, changes in the blink of an eye, is an exceedingly difficult ask. The biggest issue I hear is that agents “Just don’t know” what markets their current GA has available to them.

I wanted to put together a reference for agents that need to know who has what on offer.  We here at Southern Insurance Underwriters are constantly updating our offerings as the insurance climate changes.

I thought I would list out our areas of expertise for those of you looking. (Just click the links for more information )


If you are looking for Standard Lines, be sure to check out our Standard Underwriters Network, or SUN, at, and get access to thousands of classes of business.


Commercial Transportation available products:                                              

Contact Commercial Transportation:
PH: 678.498.4620
TF: 800.884.1702
FX: 678.498.4602


SIU Specialty Programs: Tailored coverage and underwriting expertise!


Contact Commercial Property & Casualty:
PH: 678.498.4560
TF: 800.884.1704
FX: 678.498.4604

Contact Commercial Property & Casualty- Florida:
PH: 407.671.7464
TF: 800.866.3324
FX: 407.671.9262


Standard Underwriters Network (SUN)

Standard Underwriters Network available products:

Contact SUN:
PH: 678.498.4800
TF: 800.365.1727
FX: 678.498.4808


Personal Property available products:

Contact Personal Property:
PH: 678.498.4540
TF: 800.884.1703
FX: 678.498.4603

Contact Personal Property-Florida:
PH: 407.671.7464
TF: 800.866.3324
FX: 407.671.9262

You can get your personal lines business quoted online, from one place, fast. Just click HERE to check it out.

No matter what market you are looking, consider the leader in the industry to be your source. SIU has the resources to help you grow your practice.