Farm and Ranch Coverage

Lets’ start with the basics for Farm and Ranch Coverage, your homeowners coverage is most likely NOT going to cut it.  According to The Classification of Land as a Farm Regulation, B.C. Reg. 411/95, made under the Assessment Act, provides that, upon application, the following land may qualify for farm class:

a) land used for a qualifying agricultural use;
b) land used for purposes that contribute to a qualifying agricultural use (e.g., irrigation, access to farm outbuildings, shelter belts);
c) land used for a farmer’s dwelling;
d) land in an agricultural land reserve (ALR) that is used for a retired farmer’s dwelling;
e) land used for the training and boarding of horses when operated in conjunction with horse rearing; and
f) in some cases, vacant land associated with a farm.

Other requirements will also apply.

All farm structures used in connection with the farm operation, including the farmer’s dwelling, will be classified as Class 1 – residential.


There are other things to consider as well. General liability insurance, which will protect you if someone who is visiting your farm is injured on your land or in your home, and Product liability insurance, which protects you if the food or products sold by your farm cause illness or injury. You can look for stand alone coverage as well, such as Product Recall coverage.


SIU offers a comprehensive admitted and non-admitted Farm & Ranch program with property & casualty coverages designed to meet the insurance needs of small

gentleman farms to large agricultural operations.


Equine Farm – includes boarding, breeding, training and racing facilities. Commercial horse operations. Farriers/blacksmiths.  Associations, clubs, and of course, horse shows and rodeos.

Wineries & Vineyards – including bonded wineries with or without vineyards, custom crush facilities tied to wineries, and dwelling exposure.

Traditional Farms – including row crops, vegetable and fruit growers and packers, cattle farms (no feedlots), dairy operations, and Gentleman Farm.

Some of the highlights of coverage available for Farm and Ranch Coverage are:

Primary Residence, Secondary & Employee Dwellings

Personal & Farm Liability

Farm Structures


Blanket Equipment

E&S Liability for personal and commercial.


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