Dwelling Fire Insurance

If you are an insurance agent that deal with Personal Lines Insurance, you more than likely are selling Dwelling Fire Insurance. Getting an online quote for this can sometimes be painful, especially if you end up having to pick up the phone and hold for an underwriter or even worse, wait for a call back. If you are like most agents, your client is on the phone, and they need coverage NOW.  If you want to stop reading and go straight to quoting, you may do so by clicking HERE

A complete online solution is the fastest way to go…just make sure the information is going to be there, be accurate, and not going to change once the bind order is submitted. Southern Insurance Underwriters has a complete solution for just those agent needs. Fast, reliable quotes on the spot and a responsive underwriting team that’s there for you if you need.

For those agents looking to get into the P&C marketplace, here’s a short lesson.

Who needs Dwelling Fire Insurance?  Dwelling Fire property insurance is a policy that a rental property would go on.  If you own a 1, 2, 3 or 4 family house that you have completely rented out to tenants, you need a Dwelling fire policy.

One of the main  things that Insurance agents need to think about when looking for online quotes for Dwelling Fire Insurance is Loss Settlement Methods.  There are two main loss settlement methods your insurer will offer you. You may either purchase a “replacement” or an actual cash value policy for your dwelling.

You will most likely be required purchase a replacement cost policy if you have a mortgage, as this ensures the bank (who really owns your property) that their asset will be rebuilt in the event of a total loss.

Actual cash value loss settlement policies are typically associated with lower value properties, those in less-than-good condition and certainly those properties with no mortgage. Now i can go on and on, but in reality, your clients are looking for the fastest quote you can get them.

You won’t beat SIU’s  online PL rater.  Forget having to run your quotes through the carriers systems, and continually being told you can get better rates if you “call in” , and just go to the one place you can get the top quotes, sometimes up to 3, when you need it….and fast.


As always, we look forward to serving you.