Garage Liability Insurance

What is ‘Garage Liability Insurance’?

According to the International Risk Management Institute, garage liability insurance is defined as: “insurance covering the legal liability of franchised and non-franchised automobile, truck, truck-tractor, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and trailer dealers for claims of bodily injury and property damage arising out of business operations.”

Garages are typically a pretty tough risk to underwrite as there are so many variables in place with almost all commercial exposures in play.

Please make sure to note the difference between Garage Liability Insurance and Garage-KEEPERS Insurance. We already know from the first paragraph what Garage Liability Insurance covers, but what we don’t know is that it doesn’t cover your customers vehicle being housed on your property versus and injury to your customer. Gate keepers coverage covers the vehicle whole you are keeping it on or at your location for parking, storage, or servicing.

Keep in mind that gate-keepers insurance is most likely something your potential insured has too little of.  This is a great topic to cover upon meeting your client and dissecting his/her garage business.

Southern Insurance Underwriters (SIU) has some great Garage Liability Insurance Markets available to our agents.

Coverage can be provided for dealers involved in the selling and servicing of “autos”, service operations engaged in repairing, towing, servicing, salvaging and valet parking of “autos”, as well as:
  • Garage Liability & Scheduled Auto Liability
  • Garage keepers and In‐Transit Schedule
  • Auto Physical Damage for scheduled service units
  • Dealers Physical Damage ‐ Non Reporting Only
  • Medical Payments
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist / Underinsured
  • Motorist
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Garage Property (Non‐admitted Only)

SIU also has some unique classes of business such as classic auto dealers, full service car wash, van conversion, bed-liner installation, and may more.

For more information, you can click:  SIU Garage Coverage