SIU Insurance Spotlight: Garage Liability Insurance

Garage liability insurance provides premises and operations coverage for dealer and non-dealer operations. Virtually any garage situation has a market. Qualified companies include any land motor vehicle company, including heavy equipment, motor vehicle, detailer, and repair operations. SIU Garage Liability Underwriter McKayla Barriault gives us an in-depth look at the market.

McKayla uses SIU’s access to multiple markets to quote garage liability insurance. There are 5 or 6 markets that quote most land motor vehicle situations. One of those markets has stand-alone wind, hail, and even flood coverage for coastal areas. “We have a market provider that quotes the Georgia and Florida coasts. We also have one that quotes boat repair operators.” McKayla explains, “We really do have all-inclusive coverage for any type of garage enterprise.”

SIU is an excellent choice for Garage Liability Insurance because of its broad exposure coverage and the depth of knowledge of this specialized market. McKayla is new to the SIU family, but she has quickly learned the markets inside and out. She leverages her experience in the insurance industry for the benefit of her agents and works diligently to build strong relationships with them. “Providing quality service to agents on an ongoing, consistent basis is important to me,” she explains.

SIU covers bus, truck, trailer sales, general repair services, tire dealer/repair, detailers, and truck repair, to name a few. Premiums can vary but on average, service operations premiums are $1,500, while dealer operations premiums are around $2,500.

Policy retention is solid. Typically, the retention is three to four years. After four years, most new ventures qualify for standard rates and may seek lower premiums elsewhere, but that’s not always the case.

Garage liability insurance goes hand in hand with other several insurance products. Currently the most common add-ons are property coverage and loss of income coverage.

Quotes are provided online and via email. Agents can count on a 24 to 48 hour turn around depending upon underwriting. New venture is quoted in house on the same day. Phone quotes are also available. “Phone quotes are quick and easy because I can get all the specifics and right to the client’s need,” McKayla explains. Many people don’t understand how quick and easy it can be to get Garage Liability coverage. There’s no need to fear it, just call the experts.

You can reach McKayla at 678-498-4588 or email Submissions for garage liability may be sent to McKayla directly, or to