Ask An Underwriter: Personal Property FAQ’s

Personal Property New Business Underwriters answer agents frequently asked questions!


1 .Can SIU write a Primary or Secondary Homeowner policy in the name of an LLC?

Yes, as long as the principal of the LLC is the primary occupant of the home.  Premises Liability is available.  These can be quoted in SIU’s Personal Lines rater (

2. Does SIU have a market for Vacation Rentals, Air B&B and/or Other Structures rented to others?

We have been asked this question a lot lately due to the rise in popularity in VRBO and Airbnb rental properties!  Yes, we have several markets for these very trendy and popular coverages!  Call an Underwriter to get your quote today!

3. Can SIU write a risk with 3 or more claims?

At SIU we understand that claims do happen! Yes, SIU can write a risk with 3 or more claims.  Simply call or email your underwriter; they will be happy to help!

4. Does SIU have a market for schedules of Jewelry, Guns, Artwork, Collectibles, etc. when the primary Homeowner policy is not written?

Absolutely!  While we would love to write the homeowners policy as well, we have several strong markets for Stand Alone Personal Article Schedules.

5. What is the difference between a Mobile Home and a Modular Home?

Modular homes are built in sections in a factory to State or Local building codes, transported to the home site, professionally joined and completed by a local builder on a permanent foundation and cannot be moved.  Modular home can written through SIU in all of our licensed states.

Mobile/Manufactured Homes are built on a non-removable steel chassis to Federal (HUD) standards and can be moved.  Mobile Homes can currently be written through SIU in Georgia only.


If have more questions or if you’re interested in writing a policy, please contact one of our experienced Personal Property Underwriters!  Call 678.498.4540 to speak to an underwriter directly. Visit our website for more information about all sorts of personal property policies. 

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