CAT Wind

CAT Wind or Wind Capacity

Windstorm Insurance is a  type of P&C insurance designed to cover damages caused by high winds. This type of insurance may cover damages from hurricane-force winds, tornados, and other weather events that are accompanied by wind gusts that exceed 35 miles per hour. 

All property owners and managers should have wind and hail insurance for their properties. However, locations in coastal areas are much more prone to a wind event such as a tropical storm and hurricane as are locations in inland convective storm areas which are more prone to non-named wind-hail storms and tornadoes.

In some cases, homeowners insurance policies will cover damages caused by heavy winds, but in many states where wind damage is common, insurance companies may require homeowners to purchase a separate wind rider to cover damages.

If you are uncertain how your commercial property clients will fare during the next windstorm?  Minimize the exposure and explore the new Commercial Property & Casualty CAT Wind Program.

  • Aggregate available statewide
  • Ability to consider risks within a mile of coastal waters in FL; up to the waterline in GA, AL, SC
  • All construction types
  • In house authority up to $5M
  • Brokerage options for TIVs $5M-$12M

Why have Wind Insurance?

The need to replace a roof is one of the largest expenses a property owner can incur. Furthermore, a roof loss can lead to interior water damage and mold. If, by chance, your property is a rental situation, a loss of renters is also a by product of wind damage.

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